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Art Appreciation & Self Expression

Addresses the students ‘Creative Voice’. This program offers the students’ new vision and new perception about the world around them, and who they are and can be in it.  The program teaches about life and culture allowing the students to experience various forms of performing arts i.e. Ballet, Opera, Symphony by seeing live performances and visiting museums. This program also teaches the students how to identify and deal with their emotions through the arts, whether they are positive or negative. Students especially learn how to identify and address the negative ones that they feel and they learn how to place negative feelings on paper in an art form using a pen to express themselves rather than a fist.  


M.O.R.A.L. Factor

This program that basically focuses on one Biblical principle ‘choose you this day who you will serve’. In this principle the students learn or relearn the difference between right and wrong behaviors in social situations; right and wrong choices and decisions that can bring about either positive or negative consequences; how to know the difference for themselves and be accountable for making right and positive decisions when they are in tough situations, and are given the ‘mental tools’ for making the right decision even when the choice is tough which is a sign of being a leader and not a follower. 

The students are given the opportunity to talk about their experiences, reactions to these experiences, and the choices that they made in peer group discussions in order to express their feelings openly and learn from either their mistakes or victories and give others an opportunity to learn. These open discussions also gives the students a chance to ‘vent’ about issues that they normally feel like they do not have the opportunity to share. 


Field Trips & Student Enrichment

Beauty for Ashes, Inc. in partnership with corporations and nonprofits in the City hosts several program enhancing field trips throughout the year. Our students have visited Art Museums, Live Art Performances, Lectures, and have had fun field trips to Sixers Games and Phillies Games.

Beauty for Ashes, Inc. also works hard to prepare our students for life after high school whether it's in college, trade school, or straight into a career. We assist students with college prep activities; in partnership with our nonprofit friends offer tutoring and scholarship search, college and trade school tours, and many other Student Enrichment services.