Our Programs



This program addresses the issues of Depression, Low Self Esteem, Low Self Worth, and Rejection; then reinstalls Self Acceptance, Love of Self, Confidence, Assurance, and God’s unconditional love & Acceptance (Psalms 139:14). When students learn and recognize who they are and their own personal beauty and style, they become confident and accepting of their individual selves. In this, they learn that they do not have to go looking or searching for personal validation in all of the ‘wrong places’; but they learn that all they need is the knowledge of God’s unconditional love for them. The knowledge of God’s unconditional love and acceptance usually brings about hope and peace. In this, the student in turn opens up to the possibility of learning and gaining self esteem, acceptance of self, and confidence.



This Program teaches proper behavior in social situations addressing the issues of low self esteem, low self worth, and improper conduct in social situations. This program teaches a variety of lessons which you would find inside of an old fashion ‘finishing school’; topics such as Social skills, Social Mannerisms, and Social Graces. In this program, the student learns that they have a choice to not behave ‘unseemly, but they can make the decision to control themselves, keep their composure, and act with respect, courtesy, love, and kindness in every social situation.    

At the end of these lessons, the student who typically misbehaves, ‘acts out’, or has been ‘labeled’ A.D.D. or A.D.H.D. usually learns and retains the new social skills that are taught. These students typically learn how to sit at the table with the group, speak with ‘inside’ voices, enjoy socializing with their BFA, Inc. Family, and behave during field trips using proper social skills and mannerisms. 


Community Service


This program teaches the students the principle of serving your fellow man, being a good neighbor and a good friend, and showing love and respect to one another and to your community. These lessons are geared towards quelling the growth of violence in our communities by instilling love, acceptance, and unity instead. 

This program teaches the students renewed respect for self, respect for elders, and respect for your community.


The Community Service program also teaches about serving and reaching out to those who are less fortunate and being grateful for what you are blessed with and showing appreciation for it. In this program  the students learn that it is a whole lot harder to be angry and commit a violent act if you are serving and showing love to someone in need.